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Pain Center ? Integrative

Health Sphere Wellness Center integrated conventional, and complementary medicine to achieve Physical Therapy treatments for advanced pain reduction. All treatments are safe and effective therapeutic and can facilitate the healing process. Pain is complex and multidimensional. Personal individualized evaluations and treatments may incorporate several types of treatment. Our goal is to identify the cause of pain, treat the cause and symptoms to reduce to eliminate pain. We also help progress the patients? ability to return to work and function in family and society. Health Sphere Wellness Center promotes education related to prevention of re-injury and maintenance of therapy benefits.

There are many aspects and descriptions of pain. The therapist will ask you to:

  • Describe your pain location ? muscle, bone, joint
  • When does it hurt more or less?
  • What makes it hurt worse and relieves pain?
  • When did it start, accident, sudden or slow onset?
  • What other treatments have you tried?
  • What are your goals of treatment?