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Family Hypnosis with Karen Pryor

Everyone has experienced trance states -- that feeling of being caught up in a movie, book or daydream; arriving to a destination and you don't remember driving; being "a million miles away." When the conscious, or critical mind becomes overloaded with messages, or when a state of relaxation is so deep that it produces a dreamlike state, the subconscious mind becomes very open to positive suggestions. Most people will have visual imagery, and find that hypnosis is a very pleasant and helpful experience.

Karen Pryor believes the best benefit of hypnosis is that it helps align your actions with your intentions and that it can help children and adults reach their highest potential in living healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Here are a few of the programs she provides:

  • Stop smoking
  • Pain management and integrative treatment
  • Stress / Relaxation
  • Overall health and wellbeing

To make an appointment, call 615-781-1005;