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Coccyx pain

Do you have trouble sitting still because of pain in the tailbone?

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Coccyx treatments: coccydynia, coccyx or tailbone pain

The coccyx is at the lower end of the spine. It connects to complex musculature and ligaments in the pelvic floor and lower spine. There can be multiple reasons for this pain and is usually intense while sitting. Most common cause is a fall or childbirth. There are a number of cases where there is no known cause. When the coccyx is not in alignment, pain can be debilitating. There are four points were the attachments of muscles and ligaments connect for support. Imagine a flexible tabletop connected to the 4 legs of a chair, if one of the legs is shortened, tilted to one side causing muscle spasms or surgically removed leaving 3 points, pain may get worse. The stability of the pelvic musculature and support for the internal organs is reduced. Restoration of the alignment of the coccyx is the best-case scenario and because of its multiple functions. The support is necessary for all 4 points to be present and then the pain may be substantially reduced or gone.

The coccyx has extremely important functions:

  • It is comprised of 3-5 fused or separate segments below the sacrum. It attaches to the sacrum by a fibrocartilaginous joint and the sacrococcygeal symphysis, which allows movement between the sacrum and the coccyx.
  • The coccyx is an important attachment for muscles, tendons and ligaments which all serve special purposes.
  • It serves to support weight while leaning backward in sitting along with the ischial tuberosities and inferior rami of the ischium.
  • A group of muscles attached to the anterior area of the coccyx, provide functions related to the pelvic floor such as, bowel movements, supports rectum position. One may experience pain with bowel movement or intercourse with injury to the coccyx.
  • On the posterior side of the coccyx the large gluteus maximus muscle brings the thigh back while walking.
  • Ligaments that run along the entire spine continue along the coccyx. (Anterior and posterior sacrococcygeal ligaments are continuations of the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments) Misalignment of the coccyx can pull unequally on these ligaments.
  • The last sacral nerve exits a space bordered by the lateral sacrococcygeal ligaments and misalignment can pinch on nerve tissue and cause extreme pain in sitting, standing, walking and using the bathroom.

Health Sphere Wellness Center offers treatment in the clinic. Gentle advanced home exercises decrease pain and assist with realignment of the coccyx to work together to decrease pain.

If you are out of the Greater Nashville area or out of state, there are several hotels close to the clinic. Please call 423-939-4003 for a list of those in the immediate area. You can also type in the address of the clinic and search for hotels. We can also arrange to see you several days in a row to optimize results and reduce your length of stay away from home.